Annual Event

Year 2022-23- Colours of Life

What are the colours that we experience in our life? Is it the darkness which engulf us when we were in the womb, or is it the brightness which we are showered with when we come out of it? Is it the colours of happiness we experience with our parents and loved ones? Or is it the joy and playfulness we realize with our friends? Is it the colour which we see in the eyes of our partner or is it the colour of a happy life with a family? Is it the colour of work and colleagues or is it the colour of evening of our life? 

It is not only the colour of our entire life but it also depicts the emotions we feel. The anger, the smile, the laughter, the disgust, the energy, the sadness, the romance, the carefreeness. All this makes our life, the life we live and enjoy. The Annual Event depicting the colours of our life was presented by the students with all the hard work and confidence.

Year 2019-20 Udaan

Udaan is something we all yearn for, from the tiny born bird to the sleeping seed under the ground, from the toddler making his first step out of the threshold of the house to the caterpillar secretly coiling somewhere  without our notice, from the timid heart of a cub aspiring to be its gallant mother to the millions and millions of buds blooming to all their variety around the globe.

Udaan, the theme was the dreams we realise, which we desperately thrive for and live up to. Aspiring the same, Annual Event depicted the various ways to achieve the dreams overcoming all the odds.

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