Chairman’s Message

Mr. Prahar Anjaria

Founder, Promoter & Chaiman of Rangoli Group

The hard work put in today will become the triumph of the future. It’s a matter of great pride to pen down the message. Education is a progressive field. It cannot be restricted to books only is what I believe. Education according to me should have a purpose, which encompasses the vital virtues of being a human. It should help in inculcating humanitarian values, wisdom, compassion, courage, skills, humbleness and reliability in students.

The holistic development is the main aim of RIS. Providing the fundamental assets which helps to trigger the minds of the students for the infinite possibilities in the world of excellence and to become global citizens is the vision of RIS. Giving them a platform for pragmatic learning and developing the life skills to sense of real life situation in students is emphasized at RIS.

This year after coming out of the covid situation, the school has ensured getting back on track with all the necessary activities for our students’ growth and development. This included all the co-curricular activities, work education, life skill activities, inter-school activities and so on.

Time and again we have proved that RIS is the torchbearer of the various life skill activities of the society. Nurturing the young minds with positivity along with opportunities can work wonders. I have been the part of life skill, experiential and entrepreneurial sessions. I have seen exciting involvement and engagement of students along with their parents in making the success of these activities. I appreciate the planned and effective execution by the team involved.

There are many more milestones ahead, which the school is marching towards and shall definitely reach the zenith in coming years. I take this opportunity to congratulate the staff and the students for their commendable efforts in bringing the school to this level of excellence. I am equally grateful to the parents for their patronage and belief in us.

My Best Wishes to all those who are directly or indirectly associated with the progress of Rangoli International School.

Warm regards,
Prahar Anjaria

Mr. Prahar Anjaria Chaiman of RIS Gandhinagar

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