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Champions keep playing until they get it right.

  • Sports plays an important part in improving physical and mental health.
  • Sports week is celebrated with full vigour and zeal at Rangoli International School Gandhinagar.
  • The whole week has plethora of activities for various classes which includes Cricket, Football, Kho-kho, Chess, Badminton, Skating and so on.
  • A good sport helps in building confidence and leadership skills.

At RIS education is not just academics, but extends to a holistic development of a child, and sports plays a vital role in it. The basis of sports education or physical education starts in school. RIS offers a number of sports activities to build a healthy future citizen. Sports education aims to provide children with authentic and enjoyable sports experience. It always complements academic learning as it develops the overall personality of the students greatly. We help our students as follows:

  1. We have detailed course curriculum and have regular classes.
  2. We help the children to maintain their fitness, develop their muscular strength and increase their stamina.
  3. We help them to utilize and learn the best in class sports facilities at school itself.

We help in special coaching for the aspiring young sportspersons. We offer different sports activities like:

Cricket is a very popular sport in India. It is a batsman's job to score runs by hitting the ball with his bat. Cricket was invented in England where it has been played for centuries.
Owed to its small minimum playing area, its ability to be played indoors in all climates, and relative accessibility of equipment, table tennis is enjoyed worldwide not just as a competitive sport, but as a common recreational pastime among players of all levels and ages.
Football is a popular game which keeps players healthy and disciplined. It develops their mind and team spirit and sense of tolerance among them.
Badminton is a great sport for fitness and is very excellent for individuals of all age groups. Although agility and stamina are necessary for this game at a competitive level, anyone can play this game to achieve fitness and flexibility.
Playing volleyball also improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Increases metabolic rate: Playing volleyball enhances your energy level and improves your overall performance in other sports and workouts. Improves hand-eye coordination: Volleyball is all about hand-eye coordination
Skating for kids can be a fun and rewarding activity for kids of all ages! It builds strength, balance, and coordination while also providing a great source of exercise. Skating is a great way to spend time with friends or family, and it’s a sport that can be enjoyed year-round.
Gymnastics is considerably more than simply muscular strength and flexibility. Gymnastics is an excellent sport for developing motor skills, balance, and coordination. It is also one of the most effective strategies to keep your body active.
Karate practice strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities, and more self-confidence. It strengthens the entire body, improves coordination, quickens reflexes, builds stamina and overall health.
When you play this sport, it gives you the training to help develop better coordination and motor skills. Dribbling gives you training for hand-eye coordination while rebounding shots that are missed gives you the training to develop full-body coordination.
Participating in athletics has been known to improve the cognitive and memory functions of the brain, helping kids perform better in tests and academics. Further, traits such as discipline and perseverance also play an important part in better academic performance.
It teaches how to make decisions, trains memory, strengthens will power, motivates children to win and teaches them how to deal with defeat. It's the only school subject that can do all this.” That is a very interesting insight. Not only does chess help train the brain, but it also teaches children basic life skills.
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