“The imagination is an innate gift, but it needs refinement and cultivation; this is what the humanities provide.”

Education is a pretty broad concept which surpasses the four walls of the classroom. The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. Children are raw and they still have to understand their strength and the hidden talents in tem. But to give them the right opportunities and platform to find their inherent talents is what matters the most.  RIS provides the platform for the students which give them the opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities.

  • A humanistic education helps students to understand, appreciate, and produce art, music, theatre, and literature. Humanities disciplines focus on understanding beauty and the good, and give students the opportunity to practice making good and beautiful things themselves.
  • The humanities matter because they enable children to: consider questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives. Explore their own identities, values and beliefs and concepts such as time, space and faith. Develop skills and habits associated with critical and creative thinking.
  • The humanities set into motion ways for students to consider our world, learn empathy for others, and process ideas.
  • Creativity, originality, and differences are encouraged.
  • Without the humanities our world and schools would be bland and lack innovators that can and will change the world.
  • The humanities help us understand others through their languages, histories and cultures.
  • Humanities expand our understanding of different human cultures and enable us to understand ways in which they’re similar and ways in which they differ, in the present and historically, delivering a broader perspective on the world in which we live.
  • Humanities majors develop important skills, often called “soft skills,” which include persuasive written and oral communication, creative problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making, self-management, and critical analysis.

Peace Poster Making Competition

It’s a proud moment for RIS Gandhinagar as two students who participated in Peace Poster Making Competition organised by Lions International on the theme- Lead with Compassion, became winners.

Rashi Jani (grade 6) – 1st prize (cash prize 5000 + bicycle)

Prachi Tikadiya (grade 8)- 2nd prize ( cash prize 3000+ suitcase)

The various activities offered at RIS include:

Drawing is so important for children. From drawing a stick figure to putting splashes of color from the paint on their fingers, it’s something they enjoy thoroughly and that should always be encouraged.
Arts education provides students with a creative outlet that can improve their problem-solving skills. They learn how to think outside the box and explore topics in an unconventional way.
Yoga helps to improve the memory function in both adults and children, a direct benefit of which would be a better academic performance in children. It also helps to improve children’s attention span and focus.
The use of drama and art in education leads to holistic learning, accelerates personality development and imparts students with crucial life skills, problem-solving skills, leadership, cooperation and collaboration.
Music has always had a very special place in the Indian culture. It is a skill that helps shape the overall personality of students.
Digital art activities for kids can help them develop skills that can transfer into life. For young children, digital art can help them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
One of the most alluring things about public speaking competitions for students can be the social interactions offered. They can offer students the chance to socialise not only with classmates but with different year groups and with the society.
Be it any dance form, it teaches you how to be patient and when to be patient. We all know kids these days have so much going on around them that being patient becomes a task in itself. The best way to inculcate the art of patience in them is through dance.
Music is believed to be the food for the soul. Learning to play a musical instrument from an early age is helpful for children in many ways. It enhances their overall confidence and makes them learn dedication and patience.
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