Annual Report

Vidya dadati vinayam,

Vinayam dadati paatrataam’

Paatratva Dhanamaaapnoti,

Dhanaat Dharmam Tatasukham.

Education gives Humility; Humility gives Character, from Character one gets Wealth, from wealth one gets Righteousness, in Righteousness there is joy. This is the philosophy that guides all of us at Rangoli International School. We believe in nurturing our students into responsible citizens with strong characters.

The school, during the current academic year has added several feathers to its cap. We are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard beyond expectation.

Innovation is at the very root of our teaching pedagogy which has 4 petals.

The report for our 1st petal i.e. Academics:

We are indeed proud to announce 100% result of class 10th and we extend heartiest congratulations to our school topper Kamlesh Gurjar for a performance par excellence even during the hardship of Covid-19.


Our students participated in Science, Mathematics, English, Hindi, General Knowledge, Social Science and Cyber Olympiads conducted at the National level and did us all proud by getting gold medals.

Students received 6 Gold of excellence in General Knowledge & 4 in English Olympiad at school level. At International level we have got 1 silver and 1 bronze medal in GK Olympiad.


Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is going on and what better to have our edubition on this theme. So we organized Edubition on Theme- Commemorating 75 years of Indian Independence it in the month of October this year where students were at their eloquent best, leaving the audience awestruck. They spoke about every topic from Gallantry awards, the award winners, the progress in Science & Technology, marking India on the list of progressive nations and so on.

Children had put up a great show depicting the growth of India.

Active learning

We encourage learning by doing having activities chapter wise to instill practical skills is our children.

Active learning is part of academics which we ensured to happen alongside the regular teaching learning process. This include dramatizations, role plays, games, small experiments, mathematical games etc.

Educational visits

Educational visits are part of curriculum which were held at many places as you see. Science City,  Indroda park, 36th National Games, Art Exhibition, Radio Mirchi & Times of India Press which children enjoyed a lot.

Book Fairs

To inculcate the habit of reading Gurjar Sahitya book fair has been organized twice this year.

Sky Gazing Workshop

A rare and unique astronomical phenomenon which took place after 1000 years wherein 4 planets aligned in straight line was observed with the telescope in association with Orphicy.

Report on our 2nd petal Physical education.

Sports Activities

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that’s why our Students were encouraged to participate in sports. Each and every student of our school participated in Sports day this November. It was a great moment to watch the students put in their 100% efforts to win those shiny medals.

Needless to say we all are swollen with PRIDE!

We regularly conduct sessions on Mass drill, Yoga and self-defense apart from their regular games & skating periods.

School Picnic

School picnics are great ways to have fun as well as enjoyment. Students of grade Prep-2 were sent to Shanti club and resorts and students of grade 3-8 were sent to Anantam Clubs and Resorts where they had fun activities along with lots of sporty activities- trekking, zipline, tug of war, balancing etc.

Report on our 3rd petal Humanities:

CCA Activities

Co-curricular activities provide children opportunities to showcase their talents. Inter house and inter class competitions were conducted throughout the year which included singing, fancy dress competition, poem recitation, drawing and painting, English & Hindi extempore, debates, elocution, poster making, quiz amongst many.

Creative marathons, Abhivaykti, Kilkariyas, Jhankar, Sparsh colouring competition were specially organized for the Preprimary.

Outside School Competitions

Students participated in Divine Fest competitions, Ganesh Mahotsav dance competition, District level Science Seminar. Students also participated in the Painting competition conducted on 34 Mantras of Prime minister conducted by CBSE this Monday only.

Also Rashi Jani from 6 std and Prachi Tikadiya from 8th participated in Lions Club – Peace Poster making competition and won 1st and 2nd prize respectively.

Special Assemblies & Celebrations:

For the holistic development of our students many special assemblies were conducted …You can have a glimpse of a few of them. World Literacy day, National Mathematics Day, National Sports Day etc. Also lots of celebrations like Janamastami, Ganesh chaturthi, Teachers day , children’s day, doctors day, yoga day etc. were celebrated.

Annual Event

Co-curricular activities at the end of the year is summerised through the Annual Event. The theme was “Colours of Life”. The entire program was hosted and performed by the students. The event included songs, dances, drama, speech by dignitaries. The chief guest was Ex-Mayor & MLA Mrs. Ritaben Patel.

Report on our 4th petal Life skills;

Mini MBA Program

RIS in association with Orphicy group conducted a Mini MBA program for teens. It was a 7 day online program which included topics like money & time management, public speaking, basics of marketing, entrepreneurship and many more. Students of 7-10 participated and even got recongnised by them with prizes.

 Awakened Citizen Program

RIS in association with CBSE & Ramakrishna Mission started with Awakened Citizen Program to know themselves and to know and practice the right and wrong from a very young age.

Connecting with society

Philanthropy must be inculcated amongst children from a tender age and we here at Rangoli International School are committed to it.

We as a team held a number of projects, for our students to give back to the world. Some of these projects were Samvedana- the joy of giving.

On the occasion of Vanamohostava all the members of Rangoli planted saplings. It gives us immense pleasure to watch these saplings grow.

Under Har Ghar Tiranga campaign our students in association with BSF, went on to encourage the Indian citizens to hoist Indian flag, to invoke the feeling of patriotism and awareness about Indian national flag.


Life Skill was specially conducted by our own Chairman Mr. Prahar Anjaria, who loves to connect with students in one or the other way. It is fun and enterprising to set up a business and run it, with all the financial risks in the hope of profit and we at Rangoli encouraged our young entrepreneurs to set up stalls during Christmas carnival.

Experiential Learning

Another great initiative taken under the flagship of our respected Chariman Mr. Prahar Anjaria was experiential learning module under Skill Development. Students of grade 6-8 were actively involved in various on ground activities like selling vegetables in a market, working in super market, working in a garment shop,  lending services in Gurudwara and working as chefs at a restaurant. The 5 day program boosted the learning experience of students along with respect for all the works and workers.

Guest Lectures

Career counselling session was conducted by Mr. Dankesh Oza for the students of 9-10 to give them a clarity of thoughts of what to do after their Secondary Exams.

On Doctors Day, students got the opportunity to interact with doctors. They learnt their hard work and dedication and appreciated them for showing selflessness during Covid-19.

Session by Army officials to encourage the young children to know more about Indian Army.

Session on “Changes during Puberty” was conducted for the girls of grade 6-8 by the renowned gynecologist Mrs. Jaldhara Patel. She addressed various queries of menstrual cycle and health during those days.

Session on “Sincerity towards study” was conducted by Mr. Naman Dave, wherein he addressed the students for how to cope with exams and prepare well.

Teachers’ Training

Various workshops were organized with an aim to keep teachers abreast with the latest trends in the field of education. Such interactions with top academia helps teachers to hone their skills further which in turn translates into better performance.

We also had some interactive sessions with a few professionals like Mr. Darshan form Ramakrishna Mission, CS Uttam Patel in association with CBSE on Financial Literacy Training, Sessions conducted by Capacity Building Programs introduced by CBSE. Apart from this various training programs conducted by the Rangoli Head Office and in association with our publishers.

RIS Initiatives

The school has introduced many initiatives in order to ensure physical and digital well-being of all its students.

Health checkup camps were organized by RIS in association with PAGRAV Multispeciality hospital also by Primary Healthy Care centres.

Reuse and repurpose of the waste materials were done through this initiative.

Since it is very important to hydrate our body and children forget to drink water hence, a water bell initiative was introduced for the children to quench their thirst.

No fire crackers on Diwali: An initiative to reduce noise and air pollution was taken up proactively.

We also pledged not to use Chinese Strings during Uttarayan.


To conclude with, at RIS we not only are in the process of making our future citizens but creating the responsible citizens who understands their responsibilities for a sustainable development and work towards the betterment of the environment they are staying in. We have aligned our curriculum ensuring holistic development of students as per NEP 2020.  At closing, I would like to echo the words of the famous painter, sculptor and poet Michel Angelo….who said “I saw an Angel in the marble and I carved until I set her free.”  Jai Hind & Jai Bharat

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