Olympiad are school level competition conducted from Class 1 to 10 that are conducted at state, national and international level to inculcate conceptual understanding and logical reasoning skills in children.

Olympiads help students to sharpen their analytical skills. Children take Olympiad exams not only to test their knowledge of basic subjects but also to enhance their analytical reasoning abilities. As a result, a child’s thinking capacity, problem-solving skills, and confidence increase, and he or she becomes an all-around developable individual.

RIS organises olympiads of major subjects like English, Hindi, Math, Science, SS as well as GK and Cyber for the students.

Olympiads at RIS

Olympiads provide participating candidates with an exposure to the competitive world to hone their learning skills on national or international levels. Such exams play an important role in evaluating students’ performance with their peers across the country.

Benefits of Participating in Olympiads

  • Early Exposure to Learning and Competition.
  • Understanding Concepts and their Applications.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Awards and Recognitions.
  • Solid Foundation for IIT JEE/NEET.
  • Open Doors to Deemed Universities.
  • The Ultimate Advantage.

Olympiads Results 2022- 23(Gold Medalist)


  1. Ameequr Rehman
  2. Vahin Busch
  3. Henil Bhagora
  4. Twisha Yadav
  5. Aashutosh
  6. Deep Patel
  7. Hiti Jani
  8. Devesh Beniwal
  9. Ananya Sheth
  10. Kartikkay Kumar
  11. Rudransh Dave
  12. Pratyush Das
  13. Rashi Jani
  14. Aarnav Sinh
  15. Dhyuti


  1. Vansh Yadav
  2. Rashi Jani
  3. Ranveer Roy



  1. Hiti Jani
  2. Parth Thakur
  3. Rashi Jani
  4. Palash Anjaria
  5. Ranveer Roy
  6. Shaurya Lamba
  7. Mohammad Abuzar
  8. Nanadish Raval


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